5 Step Rim & Tire Deep Cleaning Guide

In this article, I will show you a quick and easy way to deep clean the wheels of your car. If brake dust is allowed to sit on your rims it can become bonded into the rim and become difficult to remove. It is important to regularly clean your rims and tires to protect them.


·         Bucket

·         Soap

·         Degreaser

·         Wax or Sealant

·         Tire brush

·         Wheel barrel brush

·         Rim face brush

·         Drying towel or compressed air


Step 1

When I wash a vehicle, I prefer to wash the rims and tires first. This is a precautionary step, so if any chemical overspray or dust gets on the vehicles paint it will be washed off later. Only wash one wheel at a time to avoid the cleaner from drying. To begin, prepare your tools, soap, and products. Rinse down the rims.

Step 2

Spay the degreaser on the rim and tire. Let it rest for 30-60 seconds. I use “purple power”, it is a powerful degreaser that works on many surfaces but I mainly use it on wheels. You can also use an "APC" or "All Purpose Cleaner." But be sure to never let the cleaner dry.

Step 3

Agitate the cleaner with your various brushes. To eliminate brown tires you should scrub with a stiff bristle brush, rinse, reapply degreaser, agitate, and rinse. Repeat this process until the browning is gone. Next, move on to the rims, use a microfiber towel or rim brush to clean the face of the wheel with soapy water. Next, use the wheel barrel brush to clean the wheel barrel with soapy water. Lastly, use a lug nut brush to clean any intricate areas of the wheel like the brake calipers and suspension using soapy water. Once you’re done, thoroughly rinse all surfaces and move on to step four.

Step 4

Next, use your stiff bristle brush to clean the wheel arches using soapy water and degreaser. Make sure to any dirt or grime on the wheel arches as this can distract from the overall look of a clean car.

Step 5

Dry the wheel using compressed air or a microfiber towel. To protect your hard work we will apply a wax or sealant in order to help manage and prevent future brake dust buildup. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when applying the product of your choice. Finally, apply your tire dressing and admire your hard work.