Increase The Trade-In Value Of Your Vehicle With Auto Detailing


Buying a car can be a great experience, but without the proper information, it can quickly devolve into a nightmare. Understanding depreciation rates and how to counteract those rates are very important. Chances are if you’re looking to sell your vehicle then you are going to want to get the most out of it. Below are some ways you can increase your trade-in value by hundreds or even thousands of dollars through professional auto detailing.


How Trade-In Value Is Determined

Make, Model, Popularity - Specific brands and cars command higher trade-in values due to their reputation and popularity. Toyota, Honda, and GMC are best known for holding their value. Porsche is the best luxury brand for holding value. As for models the Honda Civic, Audi A3, and Honda Accord top the compact market for retaining value. As for SUVs the Honda CR-V, Porsche Macan, and Toyota 4Runner top their respective markets. Moreover, the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, and Toyota Sienna are the best value holders for the truck and van market. Learn more about brands that hold their value.

Age and Mileage - Age and mileage carry a lot of weight when determining the value of a trade-in. While there is nothing I can do as a mobile detailer to change the year or mileage on your car, I can provide you with some basic information. This is a great article on how the age and mileage can affect the cost and trade-in value of a car. In summary, the article states that “If you’re looking for the ideal used car bargain, buy as old a car as your comfortable driving that’s in good condition and reflects diligent care from the former owner. You can’t beat that bargain by buying new or even nearly new.”

Condition - The condition of a car is my specialty. I can change the condition of your vehicle through automotive detailing. Do you have stains in your car? How about odors? Pet hair? Is your car scratched? Is your paint dull? I can fix all of these and more. I will restore your car to a like-new condition using the most up-to-date techniques that mobile auto detailing has to offer.



Shop around - Make sure to visit different dealerships and ask for quotes. This will allow you to determine who will give you the highest price. You can also try and sell your car yourself. This is not ideal as you will need to create ads, arrange test drives, and complete paperwork without the help of a dealer. If you choose to do so here is an article on how to sell your car by owner.

Make sure your car’s tires are good - Bad tires can hurt your trade-in value by quite a bit. Make sure you have adequate tread on the tires and they are all even. But don’t overpay for a set of tires, it may be cheaper for a dealership to put on new tires and you may not see a full return on your new tires.

Don’t look desperate - If you look desperate, car dealerships may take advantage of you. If you look like you need to get rid of it today they will give you a price to match. Try to play it cool and you may just receive a higher price.

Make it shine - Wow the dealership and any potential buyers with an outstandingly clean car. A clean interior, exterior, and engine will convey that your car has been taken care of and cared for. People always want to buy the best car for their budget, so make sure to have a car in good condition to attract more potential buyers. All things equal, if someone has to choose between a clean car and a dirty car, they will always choose the clean car.



Make your car stand out - If you choose to sell your car without the help of a dealer you will most likely post it online. With hundreds of cars, you need to give the user a reason to click on yours and buy it. This can be accomplished by showing the buyer your car was taken care of and in great condition. If your car is not in great condition, you will need a professional detail.

Restore the appearance with professional mobile detailing - A professional auto detail can bring your car back from the depths and make it look like-new. With 95% cars being in less than the optimal condition it will be easy for you to exceed the appearance of any other vehicle.

Reverse exterior damage caused by weather - Damaged or faded trim can hurt the appearance of a vehicle and make it look years older than it is. An auto detail can fix this for and restore rubber or plastic trim and keep it looking good for months or years. Check out our specialty section if you are interested in having this done.

Eliminate cloudy headlights - Cloudy headlights are not only unsafe, they are an eyesore. Cloudy, foggy, or yellow headlights can bring down the appearance of your vehicle as well as the overall value. Our headlight restoration package restores your headlights to like-new condition for just $49 and can provide hundreds of dollars in value on a trade-in.



Restore leather - Old, cracked, and faded leather destroy the look of an interior. Get these fixed with a professional detail.

Remove stains and odors - Stains in the carpet and headliner will hurt the resale value. Again, these can be easily fixed with an auto detail. If you have odors in your car you can eliminate these instead of just covering them up with a good interior cleaning. If you want to do it yourself, make sure to check out our guide to cleaning and protecting cloth seats.



A Clean engine creates the appearance of a well-maintained car - When the dealership or potential customer opens the hood of your car they will be knocked back if they find a clean and detailed engine. This is something they do not see often, so it will definitely be appreciated in the price. We only charge $25 for an engine detail, so you can’t go wrong at that price.


Final Note

In conclusion, a professional auto detail can bring your car to a better condition and bring a higher price when reselling. It’s recommend you have your car detailed before putting it on the market.

If you are interested in any of the services above, or have a question please contact us. We are more than happy to answer any of your auto detailing questions!