Basic Interior Detail

A quick interior cleaning! Great to add on to another package or light clean. If your car is very dirty than you should upgrade to the Deep interior detail package.

  • Thorough vacuuming of entire interior 
  • Clean door jambs
  • Clean windows and glass
  • Wipe down dust on all interior panels

Small - 49

Mid-Size - 59

Large - 69

Interior Detail
Interior detail (after)

Deep Interior Detail

During our Deep Interior detail all interior surfaces will undergo thorough cleaning and conditioning, we use matte finish conditioners with SPF protection to prevent future damage from UV rays.

  • Extensive vacuum of interior and trunk
  • Leather clean & condition
  • Carpet & floor mat clean
  • Instruments, knobs, switches, & dials cleaned 
  • Vinyl, plastic, & rubber cleaned & protected

Small - 99

Mid-Size - 109

Large - 119

Before, During, & After
Steering Wheel Clean (before)
Steering Wheel Clean (during)
Steering Wheel Clean (after)

Extensive Interior Detail

With the Extensive auto detailing package you should expect nothing less than perfection. Your car will receive what we like to call the "toothpick treatment". This is where we meticulously comb over your interior and remove the dirt and grime that most people wouldn't even know was there.

  • Extensive vacuum of interior & trunk 
  • Leather clean & condition 
  • Headliner spot clean for stains
  • Keys & key fob cleaned
  • All interior compartments cleaned
  • Carpet & floor mat deep clean & condition
  • Clean vents, gauges, cup holders, seat belts, knobs, switches, dials, & instruments
  • Clean all surfaces with compressed air, soft bristle brushes, microfiber towels, and specially formulated interior cleaners.

Small - 199

Mid-Size - 219

Large - 239

Leather Correction (before)
Leather Condition (after)

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