Auto Detailing Guide To Cleaning Car Glass



Having a clean windshield and windows inside your car not only make it look great, it helps you see better. Cleaning windows is often overlooked since its not fun, adds a few extra minutes to your time, and most people don’t know how. But it is important that you do clean them frequently and correctly, so I am going to teach you how a professional details auto glass.


I strongly discourage the use of ammonia based cleaners for automotive use. Ammonia releases fumes that are not good for your heath, so using it inside of a closed area like a car is not good. Also, ammonia will dry out plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather. Ammonia is also damaging to tinted windows. You should look for a glass cleaner that is ammonia-free.


The type of towel you use will determine your results. If you use paper towels there will be small fibers left on your window ruining the overall look. Many people suggest using newspaper, this will work, but not as well as using a microfiber towel. A low pile waffle weave microfiber towel is the best way to clean windows. It will absorb all of the cleaner and dirt on the window while not leaving any residue behind.

Water Spots

If your auto glass has water spots you can remove them by using a glass polish. Polishing your car glass will bring back clarity and remove any minor imperfections like light scratches. You can do this by hand, but it will take much longer and the results will not be as good as using a machine. A rotary or DA polisher alongside a polishing pad and a good glass polish will leave your glass with a mirror like finish.


Once your car’s glass is squeaky clean it is necessary to protect it from future dirt and keep it shining. You can do this by applying a light coat of wax to the exterior windows. Or you could apply a sealant which will last longer and generally provide better protection.

Don’t forget to clean the windshield wipers

If your wipers are dirty the dirt will be rubbed into your newly cleaned glass. Take a towel and pinch the rubber part of the wiper and slide the towel down with light pressure. This should remove the dirt and grime from the rubber ensuring the next time you need your wipers they will be in working order.

Tips from a car detailer

I have cleaned lots of auto glass and have a good bit of experience detailing cars, so here are a few tips that I have picked up over time.

  1. Do not clean windows in direct sunlight or in high heat, if possible. High heat or direct sunlight can cause the cleaner to evaporate before it has a chance to do its job, leaving a streaky finish.

  2. Start by rolling down the windows a few inched. Most people disregard the top edge of the car window while washing.

  3. Clean the glass last. It does not make much sense to clean the glass and then recontaminate it by washing the car afterwards.

  4. Clean the inside of the windshield from the passengers seat. Most people sit in the drivers seat and fight with the steering wheel trying to reach corners, it is much easier to clean from the passenger side.

  5. Use a paint-stick wrapped with a microfiber towel to clean areas too small for your hand to fit.


Follow all of these tips to achieve professionally cleaned results at home. Don’t forget that preventative maintenance goes a long way to ensure easy cleaning the next time you wash your vehicle.

If you have any question feel free to email or call me.

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